Flyride & Flyboard

Welcome to Sunshine Flyrides located at Sunshine Coast BC !


Flyride & Flyboard in BC

Welcome to Sunshine Flyrides located at Sunshine Coast BC !


Flyboard & Flyride

Welcome to Sunshine Flyrides located at Sunshine Coast BC !

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Sunshine Flyrides is an opportunity that can’t be missed!

What is Flyriding?

Sunshine Flyrides uses the new Flyride™ technology designed by Zapata™, the company founded by and named after the world-champion watercraft racer Franky Zapata, and is the undisputed leader in developing and manufacturing hydro- and jet-powered technologies and products in the world.

Flyriding is an all-new hydro-flight watersport that integrates a personal flying watercraft, a hydro-flyer, with a base personal watercraft (PWC), using electronic flight controls and gyro stabilization technologies. The hydro-flyer has the same familiar form and easy-to-use controls of a conventional personal watercraft but with added controls for take-off, going up and down, and banking left or right. There is even a push-button for barrel rolls for the more experienced and adventurous thrill-seekers. The Zapata Flyride™


1. CHILD MODE (5 and up)*

Intelligent Flight Assistance

Gyroscopic balance assistance.
Assisted throttle and elevation control.
Assisted take-off function.
Barrel rolls at the push of a button!

Self Balancing

Using Flyride™ is trully easier than riding a bike because it’s doesn’t require the rider to maintain balance. Anyone can do it. Internal sensors and electronics make continuous micro-adjustments to keep the Flyride™ level and steady, even when riders shift their weight.

Take Off & Land on the Beach

Most hydroflyers require users to float in open water to safely take off and operate. With Flyride™, users can choose the convenience to launch or land onto a beach or ocean level dock. An assisted take-off function gets any rider up in the air in seconds.

Supports Up to Two Riders

Hydroflying no longer has to be a solo experience. Flyride™ harnesses the power of your personal watercraft to support up to 200 kg / 440 lb of weight, using a 300 HP PWC. You can take turns driving, or just hang on. Flyride™ brings shared riding to hydroflight.

What is Flyboarding?

The Flyboard®, launched in 2012 by Zapata and the predecessor technology to the Flyride™, is a water-propelled hydro-flyer board used for both leisure and extreme sporting applications. It has since revolutionized people’s relationship with watersports and ignited an entire industry.

The Flyboard® can be described as flying with jet-propulsion above the water’s surface as though on a skate board, tethered to the power of the personal watercraft which is manned by a certified, experienced operator. Using similar intuitive controls as for the Flyride™ there are unlimited maneuvers that can be mastered both over and under the water. Sunshine Flyrides uses the Flyboard® Pro, the latest generation of flyboards. Its rotating base plate allows the Flyboard® to pivot on its axis by up to 20 degrees, increasing performance and trick capability.

Flyboarding runs the gamut from the beginner (aged 12 and up) to the experienced, right through to adrenaline-pumping extreme. An active lifestyle, a good level of fitness, and reasonable balance are recommended for beginners.

Fun for All Skill Levels

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The Founders
philippe hebert sunshine coact

Phillipe Hébert


Philippe is the Founder of Sunshine Flyrides.

Sunshine Flyrides

Sunshine Flyrides Incorporated is a vision of Philippe Hébert. Philippe is excited to bring his passion for active sport to the beautiful waters of the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia and is eager to share this passion with the Coast community, the lower mainland of British Columbia, and beyond.

Philippe developed a thirst for adrenaline at an early age growing up in a small town north of Quebec City, Quebec. He immersed himself in active sports such as motocross, hockey, sky-diving, skiing and water sports. As a young adult, Philippe trained and worked as an elevator technician – one of the most regulated occupations for safety within the construction industry. In short, he has worked, played and surrounded himself with energy and zeal all his life.

Buoyed by the emerging active sport trends on the Coast, such as mountain biking, kite surfing and climbing lounges to name a few, Philippe feels that the time is ripe to introduce this exhilarating watersport on the Sunshine Coast he now calls home. Primarily operating at one location – the more sheltered waters of PORPOISE BAY on the SECHELT INLET  OR THE LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE FOR GROUPS – Philippe will literally take you to new heights flyriding or flyboarding! But the beauty of Sunshine Flyrides is that it is mobile, and Philippe’s services and equipment can be made available just about anywhere there’s water: FOR CORPORATE EVENTS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, FOR ENTERTAINING VISITORS, FOR FAMILY GATHERINGS, OR WHENEVER YOU WANT A UNIQUE AND FUN EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER.

Philippe has been trained and certified through Alexandre Barreira of Flyboard Quebec for both Flyriding and Flyboarding. He will introduce enthusiasts of all ages and experience to these watersports, using his knowledge and expertise for whatever duration of session you choose. He will ensure that the session runs smoothly, helping you to develop a flying agility quicklyand attain a unique experience that you can remember.

Sunshine Flyrides is an opportunity that can’t be missed!

The Founders

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